Monday, October 30, 2006

The Everything To Do With Sex Show

This past weekend I had the pleasure of playing intrepid reporter at the Everything To Do With Sex show in Toronto and I must say that it was quite an adventure. The Automotive Centre, where the Sex show is held, was packed with booths selling everything and anything remotely related to sex: sex toys, porn, floggers, costumes, bondage bed-sheets, instructional videos, rope, even "romantic get-away" trips like to Hedonism in Jamaica .

The building was also pretty full of people — but I knew that I couldn't let myself get distracted by the multitudes of women with T & A hanging out, nor by the men who had their tops and bottoms open, if not off.

There was plenty there to distract the average person; besides the paid scantily clad models and booths overflowing with various sex related goodies, around practically every corner was a television screen showing hardcore pornography. In fact, the Roger's booth had about seven screens all showing a different pornographic scene. Mysteriously, we kept finding ourselves standing in front of this booth to re-group, and somehow I ended up switching my home phone to Rogers. To quote my cameraman, "Whoa! I've never seen so many blow jobs going on at once!"

But as I said, I couldn't allow myself to get too distracted by all the goodies; I was a reporter on a mission. I knew that a handful of adult celebrities were going to be at the sex show and I had researched each of them in the hopes that I would have the chance to do a few brief interviews.

My first target was Nikki Benz, a Toronto native who now lives in Arizona. After a successful career as an exotic dancer, Nikki got into the adult film industry at age 21. Since then she has been in over 40 adult films and has appeared in photo spreads for a number of adult and mainstream magazines, like Hustler and Maxim.

I caught Nikki at the sex show signing autographs in the "Screaming O' Cock Ring" booth; she was happy to answer a few questions and even took a photo with me. Here are some highlights from that interview:

Imprint: I know you're currently doing a radio show on KSex. How did you first get into radio?

Nikki Benz: I started off doing guest spots and eventually was asked about doing my own radio show. I really love doing my radio program because it gives my fans another way to enjoy and get in touch with me.

How do you feel about condom use in pornography?

I find that it is easier to do a scene without using condoms. It also looks better on camera. But on our radio show we always promote safe sex for people who are having sex in the "real world." In the porn industry, we have very stringent testing so it is not as dangerous for us to not use condoms in our sex scenes.

What kind of crazy things happen on set when you are filming?

Oh! It's so hard to come up with one on the spot like this! I guess one crazy thing that has happened was when this one guy "finished" before he was supposed to in a scene. When this happens we have to wait around for a while to see if he can be ready to perform again quickly or the studio will have to call in a back-up guy to take his place. It can get expensive for the studio when this happens.

After my interview with Nikki, I thanked her for her time and let her get back to her line of drooling autograph hounds. It was time for me to get over to the dungeon area and track down my next interview, Rubberella (her stage name).

The dungeon area of the sex show was not very big; it was off to the side and mostly curtained off in black with a sign informing us that photography was prohibited in this area.

Inside, we saw a variety of floggers, ropes and other bondage equipment. We even caught a glimpse of a woman being tied up in an elaborate rope corset.

I first spotted Rubberella on The Dungeon Stage (where photography was permitted with permission) giving a demonstration about the joys of wearing latex.

Rubberella is a fetish model who enjoys wearing latex outfits, like her cat-suit and torpedo boob suit. Because her site has some pretty intense photos, Rubberella was actually the person I was most nervous about interviewing that day, but she was very sweet in person. I hopped up on stage to try on some tight black latex gloves and see how they felt.

To get into her tight latex outfits, Rubberella has to lube up her body with water or silicone based lubricant and then rubs another type of coating on the outside to keep her latex looking shiny and to keep it from sticking.

After dutifully rubbing the lube on my hands and slipping on the gloves I could see why Rubberella loves wearing latex so much — it was pretty fun! I then felt ready to meet her at her booth for an interview.

Imprint: What is it like wearing latex all day?

Rubberella: It's very sensual; the latex is tight and I love how it feels squeezing my body. I also find that the latex heightens sensations, so rubbing even just your hands together when you are wearing latex gloves feels much sexier than without. But it is also very hot wearing whole outfits made out of latex; I'm pretty much sweating lightly the whole time.

What do you look forward to after a long photo-shoot or a show like this?

(Laughs) A nice long hot bath.

You wear a lot of different costumes for your photo-shoots, which one is your favourite?

My torpedo boob costume; I use condoms inflated with air to create incredibly huge breasts to wear under this bodysuit. It's part of the character and makes me feel even more like a super-heroine. It is a very fun costume to wear.

Do you find that you bump into a lot of things when you wear that costume?

Yes! It's hard to get used to suddenly having gigantic breasts, so I do sometimes bump into things when I am backstage.

As you can see/read, there certainly was a lot to see at this year’s The Everything to Do with Sex Show. I managed to snag two more interviews that day, as well as attending a seminar on how to strip, Undress for Success, led by Mary Taylor. I also saw a woman have a mould made of her nude upper body, watched some pole dancers defy gravity, and clapped along with the audience to vote for my favourite couple in a blow-job competition (using plastic dildos). And before I headed for home, I even managed to go for a ride in a very comfortable sex swing. All in all, it was a very full day.

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